torsdag 11 juli 2013

MAC So Supreme Collection - info

MAC väljer att under augusti månad släppa nya färger bland deras Sheen Supreme läppstift. Den 8 augusti och 4-6 veckor fram övre kommer det sex LE-färger på Sheen Supreme Lipstick och även Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint kommer igen med åtta LE-färger.

"Inspired by the global trend og lipgloss with tint. So Supreme goes sheerer than ever. The lightweight formula packs moisturizing, conditioning, comfort with v application, adding a flushed gllow to the lips that lasts beyond the shine. Introducing eight new, limited-edition shades in luscious corals, pinks, berries and nudes - four of which, including Gwi-Yo-Mi and Heart & Seoul, are inspired by Asia. Featuring the slick, clickable, pen-style brush applicator first seen in Sheen Supreme Lipglass, tint glides on effortlessly."
Sheen Supreme Lipstick (DKK 165, SEK 195, NOK 175): Prêt-À-Pretty, Gotta Dash!, Playtime, Sweet Grenadine, Pleasurefruit, Candy Apple
Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint (DKK 180, SEK 210, NOK 190): Bubble Gum, K-Wow, Simply Wow, Heart & Seoul, Kiss,Kiss, Blushing Berry, Gwi-Yo-Mi, Glorious Intent

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