lördag 28 december 2013

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Collection - info

Ett nytt läppstift släpper MAC den 2 januari, dock endast under en begränsad tid. MAC Huggable Lipcolour Collection består av 12 färger och är skimrande krämiga pigmentrika läppstift.
"When it comes to gorgeous lips, don’t compromise shine for colour. Your pout can have it all  in a new formula inspired by Asian trends, hugging your lips in hues that stay bright  for up to six hours. Huggable Lipcolour provides a lasting, glossy finish that helps boost  collagen, leaving lips smooth and sculpted. A unique gel base allows each shade to smooth effortlessly onto the skin, with a feather-light finish giving immediate moisture."
Huggable Lipcolour (DKK 175, SEK 210, NOK 190): Touché, Fresh & Frisky, Cherry Glaze, Out of Passion, Fashion Force, Love Beam, What a Feeling!, Feeling Amorus?, Red Necessity, Commotion, Rich Marrón, Rusty 

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